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Kristen Joyner


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As the Executive Director of SWTA (a regional association covering Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas), Kristen Joyner brings energy, creativity and a diverse background that includes administrative public transportation work for Rock Region Metro.  She has developed and delivered training programs, workshops and conferences for the transit industry, promoting strong transit workforce development and communication across the transportation sector. When it comes to human trafficking, she has provided awareness training to over 1,000 public transportation employees across the U.S., and presented on the topic at national trade associations, state associations, and at various other platforms.  The focus of these talks is always public transportation’s role and responsibility in the fight and eradication of human trafficking in communities and on transit systems.  Joyner has been collaborating with DOT’s human trafficking initiative to support messaging and training efforts and has been a voice for the public transportation sector so that the support provided will resonate with transit employees.  She is also responsible for developing the first industry leadership recognition initiative, “Be the Solution Awards,” which honors human trafficking awareness work – Public Transportation, Private Partnership, and Associations – to encourage awareness of human trafficking.  Kristen is a member of the Secretary of Transportation’s Advisory Council on Human Trafficking and previously served on the White House Task Force on Human Trafficking. Kristen serves as the Region 6 representative on the CTAA Board of Directors and Chair of the APTA Access Sub-Committee on Technology and Training.