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About Kristen Joyner 

Kristen Joyner is Founder and President of KJ Backpack, LLC. Her expertise includes transit association work as Executive Director for the South West Transit Association and administrative public transportation experience for Rock Region Metro, Little Rock, Arkansas.  She leads with energy, expertise, and creativity in executive roles, as a team leader, and as a subject-matter expert. For twelve years, Ms. Joyner has developed and delivered training programs, workshops, and conferences for the transit industry, promoting strong transit workforce development, leadership, and communication across the transportation sector.  

Kristen Joyner founded KJ Backpack, LLC, in 2019 with the goal of connecting exceptional and passionate trainers to transit professionals, whereby creating a responsible workforce for the safety and benefit of the traveling public. She also serves as Executive Consultant and Trainer, South West Transit Association (SWTA).

Ms. Joyner has provided direct training in leadership, management, customer service, safety, and human trafficking awareness to thousands of public transportation employees across the U.S.  She has led presentations at the U.S. Department of Transportation, national trade associations, state associations, and state DOT meetings.   

She has developed and delivered curriculum in areas such as: (1) Hiring and Retaining Great Transit Employees (2) Improving Communication for Great Results (3) Silver Bullets for Transit Supervisor Success (4) Powerful Public Speaking Tips for Transit Professionals (5) Effective Goal Setting and Priority Management in a Transit World (6) 10 Uncompromising Leadership Lessons for Transit (7) Human Trafficking Awareness Train-the-Trainer Workshop 

She is also responsible for developing the first transit industry leadership recognition initiative which honors human trafficking awareness work, Be the Solution Awards. She initiated the Operation: Veterans in Public Transportation (OVIPT) program, helping veterans connect with public transportation through education and awareness events; and she created the SWTA Accessible Meetings Guide to make events more inclusive for people with disabilities. 

Ms. Joyner is a member of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation’s Advisory Council on Human Trafficking. She serves as the Region 6 Representative on the CTAA Board of Directors, Chairs the Legislative Committee and is a member of the Training Committee. She is currently Chair of the APTA Access Sub-Committee on Technology and Training and is a former APTA Board member.